In 1999, Dr. Denis Choquette had the idea to create a database of patients with inflammatory diseases. The patients are recruited on a voluntary basis and their data is never associated with their names or any other personal information. Over the years, after seeing the vast fields of study possible, the Center for Bone and Rheumatic Diseases of Quebec has joined us in our quest. Our two (2) centers represent more than 5,000 patients.


The first version Rhumadata was quite basic and was not flexible enough to make a good data analysis. A professional programmer has since been hired and the great adventure has begun.


Over the years, more and more information has been added to the various questionnaires; laboratory results, joint counts and medications, and we can now produce analysis of the efficiency of various drugs and present the results from our daily practice in congresses around the world.

In the future, Rhumadata will serve as a continuing medical education tool allowing clinicians to compare their practice with each other’s and conduct self-assessments.


We thank the patients who help improve rheumatologic practice and consequently improve their quality of life.

the video will be available soon