Since arthritis is still not a well-known disease, finding resources tailored to your condition can be a real headache.


The Arthritis Society has published a lot of information on their web site about how you can adapt your daily life with your partner and your family. You can visit their site here.

The Arthritis Society is working with some companies to find products that can make your life easier. They have been tested and approved for their ability to help people with arthritis or loss of dexterity. You will find the easy-to-use logo on the tested products.

If you cannot find certain things you need to ease your daily life such as a pole to reach objects, larger pencils or utensils, we encourage you to consult orthotists / prosthetists. They can guide you in buying products.


Constance-Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre

This rehabilitation centre offers a multidisciplinary approach that includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and much more. You must meet certain criteria to qualify. The professionals at this centre can help you regain strength, adapt your car, your home and help you reorganize your life by helping you find a job that suits you. Discuss this option with your rheumatologist. He can fill out a form for you to apply to this centre.

Self-help groups

On social networks, it is now easy to find people suffering from the same illness as you. On the other hand, it is still necessary to remain critical in front of the comments of the other participants on the page in question because all patients are not the same. Validate the information with your rheumatologist and your care team before changing anything to your treatment. What works for one person is not necessarily suitable for another.


For a list of resources and support groups across Quebec, visit The Arthritis Society's website here.

If you live on the West Island of Montreal and want to participate in activities, take classes or exercise with people who share the same experiences as you, there is a bilingual association for you, the AWISH (West Island Arthritis Support Association). You can check their website and get their contact information here.


If you know of self-help groups or resources that can enrich this page, such as home helpers or places to get equipment to adapt workstations, we invite you to ask to meet the person in charge of the website at your appointment at the clinic to allow people suffering from the same illness as you to benefit from your knowledge. You can also send us the names of these resources to the following address: