Preparing your appointment

To make sure that your appointment is as optimal as possible, we suggest that you prepare your meeting in advance. That means:

  • getting a list of your current medications at the pharmacy. You can check with your pharmacist if you need a renewal of your medications. Your rheumatologist will be able to prescribe your treatment at your appointment;                   

  • summarize what happened between your two appointments: hospitalization, new health problem, adverse reactions, etc.;

  • prepare a copy of new results for your rheumatologist (for example, if your general practitioner asked for some x-rays for another condition).

  • prepare your list of questions or concerns. This way, you won’t forget anything.

Upon your arrival

When you arrive at the clinic, go to the reception desk with the following documents:

  • your health insurance card or immigration certificate, if applicable;

  • the list of your medications;

  • a copy of the results that were not sent to your rheumatologist.


Our receptionist will confirm your contact information and add any new information to your file. She will notify the doctor of your arrival. He will call you according to the appointment schedule (not to the order of arrival).


The receptionist may ask you to complete one or more questionnaires. Your doctor uses these questionnaires to better assess your current condition and to see how your disease has progressed.

During your appointment:

During your consultation, do not forget to ask your doctor for your drug renewals and to mention any event that has occurred since your last visit.

After the consultation

  • After your appointment, stop at the reception. The receptionist will check with you that your prescriptions are well identified. She will also provide you with information about the exams that your doctor has requested.

  • If you have received a cortisone injection by your doctor or a nurse, mention it to the receptionist. 

  • If your doctor has completed a form for: work stoppage or absence, insurance document (s) or any other form, we will keep a copy in your file. Fees may apply and a receipt will be given to you upon payment. You can pay with a card (Interac), a cheque or cash.

  • Do not forget to schedule your next appointment. Our time slots are available several months in advance.