Having an intimate life when you are suffering from arthritis is possible.  Like in every relationship, communication is the key. If your partner does not know that you are suffering physically and/or psychologically he will not be able to support you.  You will be frustrated because it feels like he doesn’t understand you and his frustration will come from the fact that he will have the same thoughts.

The Arthritis Society created a document that can inspire some discussion topics with your spouse, some positions you can try with your partner that takes your physical incapacities in consideration. You can read it here and here.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of resources for people who are experiencing physical challenges and would like to see a specialist to help them have a better relationship with their spouse. Here some of them:

•    Clinique de sexologie de l’UQAM.

     You can reach them at that phone number : 514 987-3000, extension 4453.

      Or go on their web site here. (web site in French only).
•    McGill sex and couple therapy services.

      You can reach them at that phone number: 514 394-1934, extension 34285.

      Or go on their web site here.
•    Centre de relation d’aide le levier.

      You can reach them at that phone number: 514 273-7365.

      Or go on their web site here, (web site in French only)
•    Zoé Vourantoni, sexologist.

      You can reach her at that phone number: 514 993-7019.
      Or go on her web site here.

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