Exercise is one of your best allies to help manage your arthritis pain. In addition to increasing your energy level, exercise will allow you to reduce your stress, have more self-confidence, increase your flexibility and your physical endurance. There are some rules to follow when starting a training program with arthritis.


Listen to your body: it will dictate what is good for you.  An effective workout should not nail you to bed the next day. Therefore, you should start slowly and add repetitions or more intense intervals depending of your tolerance over time.

If you experience heat or burning in your muscles, it is a sign that they are working hard. This sensation is healthy. When you do weight training, the muscles around your joints are strengthening and it is improving your posture and your endurance and it also decreases your joint pain. But, if you feel discomfort in your joints when you do those exercises, stop. You must ask yourself questions like: Does my posture good? Are the number of repetitions and/or weights too important compared to my current capacity? Once you have the answers and make the necessary adjustments, you can resume your training. We suggest you consult with a qualified trainer, physiotherapist, or kinesiologist to start your fitness program the right way.

If you do not have the time, the capacity to travel or you cannot afford external help, there are some links that can guide you:

  • A 12 weeks training program was elaborated for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. You can create your profile just here. It is free and can also be applied to anyone diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

  • The Arthritis Society has created a 10 exercise programs that you can see here.  They also suggest you combine exercises.  You can look at their suggestions here and here.

  • On the Rheuminfo website you can learn which exercise to do when you are in an arthritis flare and some tips for a daily basis exercise plan. You can reach the pages here and here.

  • Other links in the French version of this web can also be helpful. Feel free to visit them.


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