File copy and/or exam results. (fees may be applicable)

To obtain a copy (complete or partial) of your file, you must make a request to the clinic. (see joint document)

-Be sure that all necessary information is on the request, including complete contact information (address and postal code) of the person the documentation must be sent to.

-Specify what kind of documentation is needed (lab results, x-ray results, clinical notes) and for which period (year or month).

A delay of 2 to 3 weeks can be expected for your request to be processed.

You can print and fill out the PDF form by clicking on the icon to your left. You can then send us the document by one of the following three options:

 -By mail:

Montreal Rheumatology Institute, at the attention of the file copy service,

1551 Ontario East, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 1S6.

-By fax:

At the attention of the file copy service, 514-523-5973.

-By email:

Get test results.

The results of tests requested by your doctor will be sent to him by the various hospitals, clinics or CLSCs. Your doctor will review these results. If they do not cause any concern, they will be filed no call will be made to notify you. These results will be discussed at your next appointment. If necessary, your doctor will make sure that an appointment is already scheduled and if necessary, may ask to see you sooner. No results will be given by phone or by administrative staff without permission from your doctor.