Web Capsules

Here, you will be able to watch web capsules which, we hope, will help you in your daily life and keep you well informed.

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Here you can find out about various topics. (Available in French only, will be subtitled shortly.)

Pro Tips!

Gligor Diab, physiotherapist

Gligor Diab, physiotherapist, will talks about good walking techniques with a cane, and the effective use of heat, ice and bath contrast. He will explain how to approach a staircase when you have leg pain. The capsule called “What to do and when to do it” will guide you in making decisions about exercise and rest, and the use of ice and heat. Happy viewing!

Isabelle Paquetnutritionist-dietician

Isabelle Paquet is a nutritionist-dietician and she will give you tips on how to make better choices when at the grocery store and to improve your eating habits.  Those capsules may help you reach your goals of healthy eating. (In French only for now)

Injection Technique 

Injection Technique 

You have been taught to do your methotrexate or biologic injections and you do not remember the technique once you’re at home, by yourself? Here are some videos to guide you. (Available in French only, will be subtitled shortly.)